Ionic Pro Update

Das Ionic Team hat heute einige Neuerungen rund um Ionic Pro bekannt gegeben. Hier die Original-Mail von Matt Kremer, dem Ionic Pro Product Manager:

The Ionic Pro team has been hard at work making all of our products more stable, feature-rich, and awesome (if I do say so myself). I wanted to share with you some of the biggest stuff that’s launched recently!

Watch the Ionic Pro Update Video

New Ionic Deploy API & Video Walkthrough

We’ve released 4.0.0 of cordova-plugin-ionic and 1.0.20 of the Pro Client, both of which have had a fair amount of bug fixes and new features! The biggest change is the Pro Client now supports the Deploy API in its entirety, and is much easier to use than before.

Check out our full Deploy API walkthrough video where we build an app that pulls from your Production Channel, but also allows users to subscribe to a Beta Channel to test your upcoming features! You can also check out our new Deploy API documentation.

Deploy Limit Enforcement ⚠

Since we launched Ionic Pro, we haven’t been enforcing any Deploy limits. We wanted to look at the data and make sure we were choosing the right numbers for our users for each plan. Usage information has been put into place in the Ionic Pro Dashboard so you can see exactly how many Deploys you’re currently using, but we’re not enforcing limits until April 1st, 2018.

New Billing Periods

You can now sign up for a yearly Developer or Teams subscription at a discount, and the Business tier is now available monthly as well.

Getting Started Tutorials

Check out the new “Getting Started” tab in your Apps dashboard that has walkthroughs for Monitoring, Deploy, View, Package, and Collaboration!

Invoice Customization

You can now customize your Invoice to include additional information like your company name, address, VAT information, and more. Check out your personal or organization billing pages to customize this.

Known Issues: 

Package workaround for cordova-android v7

As of right now Ionic Package does not currently support cordova-android v7.0.0 which is the default for new installations of cordova 8.0.0. Please see our knowledge base guide for information on how to get your build working. We’ll have more information on supporting cordova-android v7 soon.

phonegap-plugin-push Build Guide

This specific plugin requires some special setup in order to function correctly in Ionic Package. Please see our knowledge base guide for more information.

We’ve got more exciting updates coming soon, like GitHub integration and a Package API! Be on the look out!

Until next time,


Product Manager – Ionic Pro

P.S. If you need to report a bug or an issue, please reach out to us using our support form, we’re here to help!

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